Cloud Backup services from Wardour Secure Networks Ltd have been designed to deliver performance, capacity, security and flexibility needed address today’s on-line storage challenges. No single storage architecture can fully address all the challenges presented by increasingly distributed business systems. Therefore Wardour Secure Cloud has developed solutions that address archiving, storage and backup.

The security and integrity of data and the storage solutions used are of paramount importance to many organisations, as is the geographic location of the data centres used. With Wardour Secure Cloud all data and services are housed and managed UK located data centres. Backed up and supported by our SLAs, we guarantee no single point of failure.

Cloud Backups

Secure enterprise grade off site backup for business critical systems

Our cloud backup delivers next generation intelligent backup and recovery to protect an organisations business critical data and systems in one simple unified solution.

As businesses battle to protect the ever increasing amount of data there seems to be less time to backup them up and test them.

With a secure cloud backup solution from Wardour Secure Networks customers can be reassured of a solution that allows growth as well as flexibility for the business in retention and recovery of data.  Meeting the business needs in s secure N+N infrastructure.

As IT environments increase in complexity with physical and virtual infrastructure combining with an increasing number of applications that are business critical, managers are under increasing pressure to enhance their data protection strategies.

Cloud backup helps achieve these backup and recovery goals in a simple to deploy, enterprise class intelligent managed service.

Cloud backup uses

  • Primary backup
  • Offsite backup
  • Alternative to tape
  • Remote site and server protection

Cloud backup benefits

  • Simple to deploy
  • Secure ENCRYPTED backups
  • Meets legislative and compliance requirements
  • Constantly available
  • Helps achieve RTO/RPO objectives
  • Unified solution to meet allrequirements
  • No additional investment in hardware such as drives or tapes
  • Guaranteed Service Levels

Not all backup are equal

Traditional backups only ever backed up   data from the server or workstation BUT in this ever increasing datacentric age, mission critical services need to be available constantly.

What happens when you get infected with Ransomeware and all your data is encrypted. You have to rebuild the server, then restore from an older backup, this can take days an hundreds of man hours. Would you like to be the one to tell the business owner that they can’t operate for nearly a week?

Image based Cloud Backup

With an image based cloud backup solution from Wardour Secure Networks Ltd you can be up and working again within 30 minutes, working of a virtual system.

We can then concentrate on getting your server operational again. Usually up and running again within 2 hours with all your newly saved data synchronised with the newly restored server.

Sound too good to be true?

Well its not, Wardour Secure Networks Ltd has an array of differing image based solutions to meet the business needs of even the most fussy business.