Security & Anti-Virus

On one hand, viruses show how vulnerable we are,  a properly engineered virus can devastate a business, costing thousands in man hours and lost data but just as importantly reputation.

In March 1999 the Melissa virus was so powerful that it forced Microsoft and other large corporations to switch off their email systems until it could be contained.

In January 2004 the MyDoom virus infected approximately a quarter of a million computers in a single day.

More recently in 2017 A global cyber attack using hacking tools widely believed by researchers to have been developed by the US National Security Agency crippled the NHS, hit international shipper FedEx and infected computers in 150 countries.

Wardour managed Security Suite

With the Wardour Managed Security Suite we can protect your devices from infection, intrusion and ransomeware attacks from as little as £3.60 + VAT per device per month.

We use state of the art, industry leading Anti-Virus solutions that you can ignore and leave the issues to us. We actively monitor your devices and see any possible threats before you do.

Full piece of mind, from as little as £3.60 + VAT per device per month

Threat Map

To see live infections and spam attacks in real time, take a look at the Bitdefender Threat map