Enterprise grade telephony

At Wardour Secure networks Ltd we use and provide a cloud based hosted Voice over IP (VoIP) solution.

No additional lines needed per number, no long tie in contracts, simple to understand solutions at easy to understand pricing.

What is a Cloud based VoIP system?

A cloud based VoIP system is a phone solution where all you have on your desk is a way to communicate, it can be a traditional phone or a tablet or a laptop or just a mobile.

The actual phone solution is hosted and based elsewhere, where it is maintained and managed.

What do I need?

You need a device to communicate, most people opt for the more traditional phone handset, specifically matched to the system, we recommend Yealink or HTek from our provider. You can buy them out right from us or rent them from us, whatever solution suits your business.

Do I need a new phone number?

Simply answer is NO unless you want too. We can port your existing number into our portal, it usually takes 8-10 working days but times can vary. This will be a one off cost of £15 + VAT per number

We do all the work for you once we have the information and can provide you with an interim solution so you can utilise the new system even before your number is officially moved to us.

What does it cost?

This all depends on the services you decide to add on, you might want Voice Mail (we offer this as standard), you might want a receptionist console solution, this is an add on called Unity Desktop. You might want to utilise the solution on your mobile as well, this is Unity mobile.

In fact there is so much it can do all you need to do is ask what it can’t do.

What do I need to sign up to?

We like to keep things simple, you are tied in for 30 days only on a rolling contract. If you decide its not for you then give us a 30 day notice so we can help with moving your number away from us and that is it.

Why not contact us today on 01476 573599 or email use at enquiries@wardour.net to discuss your needs